Praise from our clients

Thank you so much for everything you all did!! What we loved most was getting to work with someone who was reliable, with great taste, and who gave 100% in creating a special day and night for us. Knowing we could trust your skill, hard work and recommendations each step of the way, while being so far away, was priceless. Having a destination wedding is no easy feat but you made it such a wonderful experience for us and for our guests! We are eternally grateful!
— Thi & Noel
We’ll admit it, we’re wedding planning obsessed, and have been for a long time, always checking out wedding sites for great design inspiration. This is how we found Aimee’s stunning work. And to actually collaborate with her had us feeling so blessed. The planning was FUN. And we can happily say that through the process we’ve become lifelong friends. Aimee and her team overlooked nothing. Not even the tiniest detail. And they’re like ninjas, moving around with such grace, taking care of everything so you can just relax and enjoy your most important day without a worry in the world.
— Fer & George
Tropical Occasions was amazing from beginning to end. They were able to make our dream a reality — everything looked amazing. From the decor to the food, venue to vendors, the DJ, the whole vibe. My guests fell in love with the wedding as well, complimenting the complete look, the whole experience. Coming from someone that researched like crazy, we can confidently attest that they are the very best.
— Rosa & Heath
We grew up thinking about the perfect wedding day and what you and your team of extraordinary people did for us yesterday was beyond what we could have ever imagined. Not only were we impressed, but our guests all commented on how welcoming, kind, and hospitable you all were. You will always be remembered by all of us and we will forever be thankful for all you have done.
— Leigh & Brian
I have had the blessing of working with Aimee and her team on two beautiful Hindu marriage celebrations so far. She and her team are the most gracious people I have yet to work with. Their attention and honor of all our traditions are unbelievable. She and her staff always showed me the greatest respect, making sure I had all I needed for all the ceremonial moments. Her knowledge had me so surprised, I call Aimee my Hindu Soul Sister. She is a beautiful creation of God, she loves all creatures of God with great passion. I have been blessed to know her and work alongside her, and I look forward to many more events celebrating love with her.
— Sarla Rajyagor, Professional Pundit
I can safely say that there is no conceivable way that we could have even had a wedding, let alone such a perfect one, without Tropical Occasions. After our year and a half of planning, there are no other PEOPLE I would want to have shared that experience with, other than Aimee and Karen.
— Kacie & Thomas
I cannot recommend Karen and Aimee enough. It’s much much more than just a luxury having them as planners. It allows you to really experience your wedding and live in the moment. It’s also a better experience for your guests, because you can be present and not worried about logistics. They are SO good at what they do, trust me!
— Julia & Dom
A billion times again...we never would have been able to do this without you. Planning, seamless. Execution, flawless. Aimee–you and your entire team are geniuses at what you do. I had ZERO stress in my planning and I will never ever forget walking into my reception. I felt like I was dreaming and there was no way that beautiful space was for and my husband. Every single one of our guests loved you guys as well. Not only do you guys work your tails off, but you also are like little party animators. Your infectious love of planning & designing events rings so loud on the big day, you made our party more FUN. It was magical, surreal and we owe that to you!!!
— Meghan & Brent
We wanted to find the best wedding planner to help us with our Indian destination wedding. During our research we came across Tropical Occasions and we spoke to Aimee Monihan, who turned out to be the perfect fit. Not only had she planned many Indian weddings before, she spoke fluent Spanish and had quite a bit experience with Los Cabos and destination weddings. From the moment we hired Aimee, the process was extremely organized and smooth. Every detail was accounted for with a minute-by-minute timeline that kept everything run smoothly, keeping our guests happy. There is absolutely no way we could have planned and had this amazing wedding without their help. Tropical Occasions was amazing!
— Tina & Samir
We are one of the Top South Asian Wedding DJs, and have worked with endless planners on thousands of events. We LOVED working with Tropical Occasions. They are a group of Lady Bosses led by Aimee Monihan. They are SO passionate about weddings, crazy talented and knowledgable – especially about South Asian weddings. They stay on top of their A game at all times, and above all are so easy to work with. From the first time they contacted us for a wedding til following up, they were amazing. They knew what they wanted from a great wedding DJ and what would make things easier for us and how to make the event the best it can be. We are very passionate about our events and clients, and to see the same level of love and passion from TO was wonderful. They share that enthusiasm, professionalism and team spirit. Even beyond the clients, all the guests as well loved interacting with them, and the vendors were so well taken care of. They are in the top as far as planners in our industry and we hope to collaborate on many more amazing events together.
— DJ Riz & Skillz from Riz Entertainment
It was almost as if I had already known them throughout the whole planning process! We had so much FUN together. From the planning to the wedding day. I was floating on air and felt I owed that stress-free and bliss-filled state to my planners. They will forever be in my heart and now are my friends for life. Trust them, they know Costa Rica like no one else and they care sooo much. Truly such loving good people.
— Carmel & Malcom
Jaime - We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for planning the most beautiful wedding EVER! You have made my dream wedding come to life! You are so patient, professional, extremely sweet, and kind! We are still trying to soak this all in! Our guests told us how GREAT you are too!! Natalie, you were also amazing! I just want to give you all another big hug!!!!! Aimee, we couldn’t have chosen a better company to plan our wedding, thank you!! You and your entire company are so awesome!
— Keri & Trell
As a wedding photographer myself, I have attended 100’s of weddings. Hiring Aimee & Karen was the best choice we made. Through a few phone calls, emails with spreadsheets, and a Pinterest board, Aimee was able to able to create a perfect Design for our wedding and Karen helped plan all the logistics! From organizing airport transfers, to making extra trips to the liquor store, to orchestrating a perfect wedding day, everything was taken care of and we didn’t have to stress about a single detail. Things just happened! Out of those 100’s of weddings I’ve been to, mine was the best and I owe that to Tropical Occasions!
— Jennifer & Mike
The ladies of Tropical Occasions literally transformed the empty field on an ocean’s edge into my dream wedding. Designing the wedding with Aimee was SO much fun, seeing it come to life was like magic for me. They even planned surprises with my now husband from fireworks and a 20 person dancing troupe comparsa!!! I was literally blown away with all they did and how they did it with such ease… They are perfection personified. Above and beyond the planning and events, they also work so hard to make the entire process so much FUN!!!
— Ashley & Mike
My favorite part of my wedding was the design; it was fairytale beautiful!! Aimee’s taste is immaculate. Collaborating with her was so much fun and my wedding was simply breathtaking. They know Costa Rica inside and out and can help coordinate fun for both the young and old. And Karen was over the top amazing, carrying our baby around and always making sure that each and every single guest was taken care of. The ladies of Tropical Occasions are top notch, it simply cannot get any better.
— Corina & Tim