Our Story & Philosophy



We have chosen our line of work because we believe in the power of Love. We believe that being good at what we do, and doing good while we do it, is both a gift and honor.  We can’t think of anything more gratifying than celebrating Love.


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Our Founder's Journey

Tropical Occasions story begins with Aimee Monihan’s lifelong connection and commitment to celebrating people and cultures across the globe. Born and raised in Seattle’s Central District (known historically as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world), Aimee has always been drawn to both the uniqueness and commonalities that exist amongst people with diverse backgrounds from all corners of our planet. The ability to respect and take pride in other people’s traditions while at the same time feeling comfortable with jumping in the mix has always been second nature to Aimee.

Her wanderlust dates back to her pre-teens (eleven, to be exact) when she convinced a family that she’d make the perfect au pair for their European summer vacation. The summers she was unable to travel overseas, she spent , working for Japanese seafood companies in the fisheries of Alaska. During her college years, she signed up for every opportunity to study abroad, heading to Spain, Chile and Costa Rica to immerse herself in other cultures and perfect her Spanish language skills. In her adult life, Aimee's love of traveling and meeting people from faraway places has never let up. Constantly and forever seeking new adventures is part of her DNA. 


This approach to life is shared with the rest of the Tropical Occasions team. We are all fellow travelers, border crossers and lovers of celebration who view the world as one big backyard, and its people all part of one crazy, vast, beautiful family. 

. . .

People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
But people will never forget how you made them feel.



. . . 


We do what we do because it makes us happy.
We are explorers of joy, because it broadens our minds and our hearts.
We believe happiness is something that should never be in short supply.
We know that if what we do comes from our hearts, our clients and their guests will also experience our joy.

Our purpose comes from the fine art of celebration, creating memories that last lifetimes.
And we know that the magnitude of any memory lies in the details.
Our curiosity increases our compassion for others, and it enriches us beyond measure.
Working with and learning from people around the world is invaluable.

And it should go without saying that we are warriors for equality. 
We actively work for a world free from exclusion.
We passionately believe that Love is Love! 
Because Love is what it all comes from and goes back to.





A globe-trotting, multi-lingual team of planners, designers & producers.