Our Team



Aimee Monihan

Founder, Owner, Design Director

Born and raised in Seattle’s most international neighborhood, and a world traveller since her pre-teens, Aimee Monihan is the definition of someone consumed by wanderlust. She is also someone who loves nothing more than to design and produce an unforgettable party. With the dream of combining her love of travel with her passion for dreaming up and executing extraordinary celebrations, Aimee launched Tropical Occasions in 1999, becoming Costa Rica’s very first professional wedding planner. With over 1,000 weddings under the company’s belt, Aimee and her team of creative partners have paved the way for a thriving, forward thinking and incredibly successful destination wedding industry in Central America. With these accomplishments, Aimee and her team are now planning incredible events in the most beautiful places on the planet.



Mid-Pacific Regional Manager and Principal Planner

Karen, our logistics maestro, hails from the beautiful but chilly Vancouver, Canada. So as soon as she could, she headed south for the sun. After a few years in Mexico and Guatemala, she made her way down to Costa Rica where she managed a successful beachfront hotel in Manuel Antonio for over 5 years. Around this time, Karen fell in love with and married her salsa dance partner, Alvin; shortly after, they had two wonderful children. Karen’s love and knowledge of Latin American culture, paired with her passion for production precision (using her laser-beam leveler to perfectly straighten chairs and napkins) make her an MVP on our team. We’re not exaggerating when we say that that her organizational skills are unmatched. Karen has some special gene that allows her to multi-task like nobody’s business. In her free time she can be found color-coordinating her Excel spreadsheets. (We’re not kidding.)


Natalie Denton

All Regions Planner & San Jose Office Manager

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica and raised throughout Central America, Natalie is a worldly millennial with parents from the U.S. and Canada. She grew up speaking English and Spanish in equal measure, attending International Schools in Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica. A true theatre kid throughout her youth, she’s always loved putting on productions. After her 2010 internship with Tropical Occasions, Natalie knew that event planning was her calling. She finished a Bachelor’s degree in Event Management from Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida in just three years (smarty pants!). Upon graduation, Natalie returned home to her Costa Rican paradise and has been an amazing part of Tropical Occasions ever since. The youngster of the team (and Snapchatter of the crew),  her ability to connect with people from all over makes Nathalie an invaluable asset to our team.



Guanacaste Regional Manager and Principal Planner

Jaime comes from gorgeous Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and is our travel-bug-bitten, earth-loving, ball of positive energy. Her degree in journalism led her to take a Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica, and it was love at first sight. Love at first sight struck again during a white-water rafting trip where she met a cute tour guide named Rigo, whom she soon married and who is now the father of their two children. For several years, Jaime managed one of Tamarindo’s top restaurants, and regularly hosted a steady stream of weddings. This lead to Jaime getting bitten by the wedding bug (she’s always getting bitten), and soon she began freelancing with Tropical Occasions as a wedding assistant. When the restaurant was sold, Tropical Occasions brought Jaime on full time and she has turned into our artsy seacret weapon, using objects found in nature to create everything from paintings to sculptures to furniture design. She’s extremely passionate about eco-conservation, reforestation and permaculture, and is intimately involved with these issues in her local community. She’s our positivity hippy!